Experience Boondooma Camping

Boondooma Dam in Queensland, Australia

Things to do and see in Boondooma

If you are planning your next camping adventure, you may want to consider Boondooma.

Boondooma isn’t a well-known spot but it offers fantastic camping opportunities for trailer, caravan and camper enthusiasts.

Where is Boondooma?

Boondooma is located in Queensland in the South Burnett Region. It is considered to be a rural locality and in the 2016 census, just 76 people were registered to live there.

What is there to do in Boondooma?

Enjoy watersports on BoondoomaLake
Boondooma Lake is a dam that offers scenic views and is the perfect location to camp near water. For those looking for thrill-seeking activities like swimming, water skiing, kayaking and boating, all of these are permitted on Boondooma Lake. Some areas of the lake, however, are restricted and visitors should also look and follow signs around the lake for guidance.

Spend an afternoon fishing
Fishing is permitted in Lake Boondooma, but tourists must ensure they have the relevant licenses and equipment to fish safely in the dam waters.

Visit the Boondooma Museum & Heritage Association Inc.
If you’d like to learn more about the history and culture of Boondooma, a visit to the Museum & Heritage Association Inc., also referred to as the Boondooma Homestead, should not be missed.

Sunset at Lake Boondooma

What is the climate like in Boondooma?

In the summer months (December – February) the average high temperature of Boondooma is 28.3 – 29.3 °C. In the winter months (June – August) the average high temperature is 17.8-20.1 °C. The climate, therefore, makes Boondooma a pleasant place to visit year-round for camping trips. It should be noted, however, that in winter months the temperature in Boondooma can drop to as low as 8°C.

Where are the best places to camp in Boondooma?

There are multiple camping spots in Boondooma, including:

– Lake Boondooma Caravan and Recreation Park
– Manar Park
– Boondooma Dam

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