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This well preserved historical park was originally settled in 1847 by Robert and Alex Lawson who were granted a lease of land which spanned an area of one thousand square miles. The price of entry includes an informative guided tour by one of the volunteers who work hard to maintain Boondooma Homestead and Museum. Located […]


With a little bit of research, you will soon understand how the geological formations located within Carnarvon Gorge came to exist. Water and 200 million years of time have led to what you will see present-day during your hikes in the Central Queensland Highlands! Formations and Layers The oldest sequences in the gorge are comprised […]


A real outback experience destination is Lara Wetlands, located just south of Barcaldine, in the heart of Central West Queensland. This working cattle property is a 15,000 acre station stay where campers delight in spending time around the unpowered wetlands, home to over 100 species of birdlife. This unique habitat is shallow water, fed by […]