If you live in Western Australia or are visiting, why are you indoors? The state boasts some of the most beautiful parks, beaches and camping getaways. So it would be a gross injustice to yourself and the scenic places in the state if you do not get out and explore. From the wine region of Swan Valley to the camping site at Parry Beach, Western Australia has a range of options lying within a few hours from its capital. If being short of gear is preventing you from taking your day out, Austrack Campers is here to help.


We are a leading camper trailer supplier in Australia and have grown from strength to strength in the last 14 years since we started manufacturing camper trailers. Well established across the island nation, we have showrooms in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and now in Western Australia too. Dedicated to providing only the best quality camping gear, we commit ourselves to relentless innovation and constant improvement. While our innovation is inclusive of far-sighted requisites, we also take ideas from our customers and implement them in our endeavour for continuous improvement. Innovation and customer focus are what make us one of the most preferred camper trailer suppliers in Perth.

Camper Trailers – A Must-Have in Perth

Perth has a Mediterranean climate with pleasant winters and hot summers. It is also one of the sunniest cities in Australia. So, if you are in Perth, then you might as well make the most of the sunny days and clear nights at some of the most beautiful and scenic locations. While the state of Western Australia has numerous beaches, parks and natural camping sites, quite a number of them are within a few hours’ drive from Perth.

When you have so many places to explore and experience, camper trailers prove to be your best accommodation – better than hotels. How? Let’s find out.

First of all, with a camper trailer, you can arrive at the location itself and set up camp. No more staying at expensive hotels and wasting your time and money driving up to the locations. A camper trailer allows you the flexibility of towing your accommodation along and experiencing the place like an insider. You may go hiking, swimming, snorkelling, sandboarding or even fishing without having to worry about the time or driving back to your hotel.

Our Extensive Range of Camper Trailers in Perth

We have a range of camper trailers to offer. Read on to learn about them.


Camper Trailers in Perth

Our robust and well-fitted camper trailers can elevate your camping experience and provide you with the freedom to explore all kinds of terrains both on and off-road. Equipped with inverters, batteries, battery chargers, solar panels, aluminium poles, alloy wheels and a host of other amenities, our camper trailers can give you a camping experience with home-like comfort.


Our range of camper trailers includes:

Hybrid Campers in Perth

Besides camper trailers, we also offer a great range of  hybrid campers and caravans. From a first-time camper to a seasoned camping enthusiast, our hybrid campers can provide a special camping experience for them all. Sturdy, comfortable and with great off-road capacity, our hybrids can be your perfect camping partners, whatever the terrain. Some of the basic amenities included in our hybrid campers are inverters, batteries, battery charging systems, gas plumbing, water tanks, solar panels, beds, storage boxes and more.


Our hybrid range includes:


Being a one-stop shop for all your camping needs, we also provide spare parts and accessories for our camper trailers and hybrids. 

Why Choose Austrack Campers?

We have several reasons to be your top choice. Here are just a few of those:



With about 14 years of experience and an unyielding thirst for improvement, Austrack has now become one of the connoisseurs in manufacturing camping gear. We have learnt about the expectations of our camping buffs and through inclusive adaptations, have been catering to every camping requirement of our customers. If you want to camp in style and have an idea, share it with us and we can incorporate it into our models to elevate your camping experience.



‘Built Tough, Built To Last’ – this is not just an advertising slogan. It is our assertive stance on the quality of all our products including our camper trailers and caravans. Right from using only the best quality materials and parts to adopting the best manufacturing processes, we adhere to quality standards that are second to none. We make sure the camper trailers are durable, comfortable and equipped to provide you with the camping experience you desire.


Being the market leader and sustaining is not an easy job. This accomplishment is attained through continuous innovation. We, at Austrack, cover all aspects and advance from the better to the best by innovating in various spheres. Be it the strength of the structure or the level of comfort, we incorporate the improvements in our camper trailers, making them the best suited for your camping.


Well Equipped

Our camper trailers and caravans are quite well-equipped. From the utilities to the amenities, we ensure that your camping experience is smooth and the adventure lies only in the activities you participate in. From king and queen-sized beds and hot water systems to dining areas and spacious storage boxes, our camper trailers offer you a home away from home.

Our Showroom in Perth

With showrooms in all major cities in Australia, Austrack Campers covers the whole nation and supplies the best camper trailers to all camping lovers across Australia. If you are looking for the best-suited camper trailer in Perth, drop in at our showroom and let us help you find the best-suited camper trailer in Perth. To learn more, call us now!


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