Pre-pack for a stress free life on the road

A Woman Packing her Clothes in a Suitcase

Camper pre-packing advice

Whether it is your first camper or an upgrade, you are probably eager to get on the road. But preparing to engage in your camping lifestyle can become overwhelming as you begin to think about everything you need in order to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. One of the easiest ways to alleviate stress and maximise your time on the road is to master pre-packing your camper.

1.Create a set of “staples” that belong to the camper

Divide your camper into “rooms” just as you would your house, and then make sure the essentials are in each of the rooms. In your kitchen, have the pantry staples that you use the most at home. Follow this up by ensuring you have utensils, crockery, a chopping board, sharp knives, a pot and a pan. Additional kitchen items to consider include tea towels, sponges, washing liquid, a first aid kit, mini sewing kit and scissors. Your “laundry” should contain a bucket, washing powder and a dirty clothes bag. The “bathroom” needs a set of your basic toiletries, clean towels, and of course, toilet paper. It is also important to make sure you have enough bedding, entertainment and any outdoor furniture or camping gear you may need.

Other items you need include a notepad, pen, mini tool kit, head torch, citronella candles and matches.

Packing the backpack getting ready to going for a travel.

2.Keep a list while you travel

Keep two lists with you while you travel. On list one, write down any items that you run out of, so you remember to replace them. On the second list, write any items that you “wish” you had whilst you are travelling so you can bring them along next time.

3.Clean and pre-pack upon your return

Give your camper a good clean both inside and out. Use your lists to refill any items that you ran out of and put those wish list items in the camper for future use.

With your camper pre-packed, all you need to do is grab your clothes and food and head off to your next destination! Happy camping!

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