Experience Carnarvon Gorge

Sandstone Ridge line of Carnarvon Gorge. Lush native eucalypt trees and Blue sky.

Carnarvon Gorge is known for its sweeping vistas of sandstone cliffs, historic indigenous rock art, and its lush, green landscape, teeming with wildlife. It offers both the beginner and the more adventurous camper and hiker an unforgettable oasis of natural wonder to discover.

Located 720 km northwest of Brisbane in the Carnarvon Gorge National Park in Queensland’s Central Highlands, it is approx. 9 hours drive from the city. This remote location will appeal to Austrackers who want to experience a region that is largely the same now as it was thousands of years ago, an untouched wilderness that creates the impression you have stepped into the past. To the Bidjara, Karingbal, and Kara Kara people of Central Queensland, this is a place of great power and it features some of the most beautiful stencilled indigenous art in the world.

There are many easy walks, as well as day-long and multi-day hikes, enabling campers to explore the Gorge’s lush and varied places.

Short, scenic walks and awe-inspiring rock art

Following the Gorge’s main track will lead you to the rock art site called the Art Gallery, where engravings and ochre stencils of shields, nets, stone axes, boomerangs, and animal tracks create a stunning visual panorama of Aboriginal culture. Further along, the Cathedral Cave is an enormous sandstone overhang leading to more art, reflecting the Traditional People’s rich heritage and spirituality.

From the Nature Trail and the Rock Pool Walk that skirts the Carnarvon Creek, you may be treated to the sight of turtles and platypus in the crystal-clear waters. Just off track from the Miley Creek Gorge Walk, wallabies hop past the picturesque green mosses and dense, luxuriant ferns.

Art Gellay at Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland

Longer hikes in an enchanting realm

10 km along the Carnarvon Creek lies the peaceful Big Bend pool, from which longer hiking trails lead to the Moss Garden, a patch of moss-covered stones, towered over by a soaring cliff face. At the top of the short but steep Boolimba Bluff, visitors are afforded a view of distant ranges that tower 200m above the creek.

Ward's Canyon at Carnarvon Gorge

From a side branch off the main track, the Amphitheatre has a tiered ladder and a walk through a narrow terrace, revealing an out of this world 60m hidden chasm inside the gorge.

Breathtaking discoveries lie in wait at Carnarvon Gorge. When you’re planning your next adventure, be sure to check out our range of camper trailers and hybrid campers. Head to a showroom near you or to www.austrackcampers.com.au.