Discover Lake Tinaroo

Lake Tinaroo on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, Australia,

It is well known that tropical North Queensland is an essential destination for people looking for the best camping experience with their campers or camper trailers. However, finding the best places in North Queensland can be tricky, especially as peak seasons can be expensive, crowded or just booked out well in advance.

A trip to Lake Tinaroo, located approximately one and a half hours from Cairns, is a must for anyone visiting the Atherton Tablelands. The popular Lake Tinaroo is a great spot for swimming, skiing, walking, fishing, sand dune driving, picnicking and barbecues.

With five campsites around the dam in the Danbulla State Forest, and multiple spots right on the water, it is a highly accessible camping destination.

Fishing at its finest

Lake Tinaroo offers excellent fishing opportunities. Due to the lack of natural predators like crocodiles, the Barramundi in the dam can grow to enormous sizes.

Lake Tinaroo holds the world record for Barramundi (121 cm long and 38.75 kilograms) and Sooty Grunter (5.45 kilograms). Every year around November, the Barra Bash takes place. There are no restrictions on size or closed seasons, so if throwing a line is an integral part of your camping experience, you won’t find many better places in Australia – or the world.

Escape the crowds and have the best access to the water at Lake Tinaroo

There is plenty of space to set up camp, even if you’re travelling with a large family or group of friends. There is water access at almost all sites, and all of them have stunning views of the lake.

The generous camping sites available give you access to swimming, canoeing, fishing, and water skiing.

Discover the wonders of the lake along Danbulla Road

You can spend at least half a day exploring the Danbulla Forest; situated in the Atherton Tableland, the forest covers 12,000 hectares between the Tinaroo and Lamb ranges and borders Lake Tinaroo.

Various camping sites cater to the needs of a variety of visitors. The kids can play football on the grassed area at The Chimneys or choose a secluded camping site at School Point. The upland rainforest is the perfect setting for a short walk to Mobo Creek Crater or a look at the huge Cathedral fig trees.

Lake Tinaroo on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, Australia,

You can then spend the night around the campfire with family and friends after a fun day on the water, in the rainforest or on the road in the comfort of your camper.

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