5 reasons you should visit Strathbogie Ranges

A young laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae) perched on a tree in the Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Australia.

Where is Strathbogie Ranges?

Strathbogie Ranges is a natural haven in Victoria, Australia. It’s the perfect place to escape and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life while still being near civilization. This popular destination has many beautiful features, including a river that flows through it, plenty of hiking trails, and panoramic views. Strathbogie also offers numerous campsites where you can stay overnight or for a few days.

Here are five reasons why it’s worth your time to visit this natural wonderland.

Where to stay in Strathbogie Ranges

The Strathbogie Ranges have over 20 camping spots. If you’re looking for a place to stay overnight, you can find one of these campsites close to the national park. Another option is staying at the Strathbogie Downs Resort. The resort is located right on the edge of Strathbogie National Park and offers a variety of amenities. You can also choose to stay in a private cottage or chalet while you’re there.

If you want to stay longer than one night, then the only option is to stay at the Strathbogie Ranges accommodation. This lodge has an amazing view of Strathbogie Ranges and comes with all of your necessities like cooking facilities, laundry, and hot showers.

Accommodations in Strathbogie Ranges

If you’re looking for a place to stay, Strathbogie is a perfect choice. There are many different accommodation options, from campsites and tent sites to cabins and motels. There are also plenty of places where you can pitch your tent or camp on your own.

Hiking trails in Strathbogie Ranges

Strathbogie Ranges is ideal for multiple types of outdoor activities. It’s perfect for day hikes and overnight backpackers alike. If you’re interested in going on one of these outdoor adventures, Strathbogie has plenty of hiking trails to choose from. There are over 26 kilometres worth of trails that will take you along the banks of the river, through valleys, up hills, and into the national park itself. If you’re looking for a challenge, try the three-kilometre long Dargo Track or if you want to be more moderate about your activity level many shorter hikes are suitable for children and beginners.

Activities to do in Strathbogie Ranges

One of the biggest draws to visiting Strathbogie Ranges is the number of activities that can be found there. There are plenty of trails, but you can also find hot springs, caves, waterfalls, and many other locations for you to enjoy your time. You’ll also find some incredible views if you’re lucky enough to go during the spring or summer months.

If you’re not into hiking or being on the go all day, camping is a great way to relax and take in all that Strathbogie has to offer. There are more than 15 different campsites that allow you to set up camp with your friends and family while enjoying a peaceful stay in this natural wonderland.

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