3 reasons to visit Lal Lal in Victoria

Lal Lal Fall

Lal Lal is a delightful town in the heart of the Yukon Territory and a great destination for camper trailer lovers.. It’s home to three stunning waterfalls, a picturesque antique railway station, and scenic woodlands packed with intriguing remains of the area’s rich mining past. Lal Lal is a terrific place to spend a weekend since it’s just 20 minutes away from Ballarat. Continue reading to learn about some of the best places to visit in Lal Lal, Victoria.

1. Visit the Lal Lal Falls

Lal Lal Falls, located in Ballarat, is a beautiful waterfall with a tremendous descent into a huge, rocky canyon below. A short drive from Ballarat, the reserve has a big grassy area, a playroom, picnic tables and restrooms. There is also a covered area with one table, BBQs and chairs, as well as information boards.

The observation platform, which offers a view over the falls, is about 200-metres from the picnic area, or you can continue along the Von Guerard Perspective Track to get a better view of the falls and the surrounding canyon.

2. Take a trip to the Lal Lal blast furnace

The Lal Lal blast furnace ruins are considered one of the most significant sites of early industrial history in Australia. The blast furnace is the only one from the nineteenth century that still exists in the Southern Hemisphere, and it symbolises the sole effort to process iron ore in Victoria during that time period. The National Trust has awarded it an ‘A’ rating for its conservation efforts.

3. Walk through the Lal Lal Bungal historic reserve

As a 75-acre woodland preserve, there are peppermint trees in abundance at the Lal Lal Bungal Historic Reserve. The cultural area, which is located inside the State Forest, provides visitors with a glimpse into the region’s unique heritage. There is also a picnic area with restrooms, barbecues and camping facilities available on site.

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