The lovely town of Kununurra is located in north Western Australia, 45km from the border of the Northern Territory, and is the gateway to the East Kimberley’s spectacular natural attractions. Kununurra is a great outback town, with good camping options and a friendly bunch of people (tip: visit the Zebra Rock Gallery and the famous Hoochery Distillery).

Sunken Historic Homestead

One hour’s drive south of Kununurra you will discover amazing Lake Argyle – an immense freshwater lake formed by the damming of the mighty Ord River, completed in 1972. With countless bays, islands and beaches, you will need to spend a couple of weeks camping at Lake Argyle Tourist Village to fully appreciate this 1000 square km stretch of water. Diving is possible over the site of the historical 1895 Argyle Downs Homestead, which was submerged by the fast-rising water of the Lake. Demolition of the Homestead was cut short as Lake Argyle filled quicker than anticipated, so the remnants of the main homestead and outbuildings, including an old tractor, fuel bowser, saddlery and cook house are at the bottom of the lake.


The Tourist Village boasts a stunning infinity pool overlooking the lake and the billion year old rugged mountain ranges which form the basin of Lake Argyle. This area is well set up for campers, with boat cruises, hiring of canoes and kayaks, diving, fishing, sunset tours and general exploration and relaxation. Diamonds were discovered by geologists in 1979, and the Argyle Diamond Mine is the largest producer of diamonds in the world by volume! Check out the Pink Diamonds at showrooms in Kununurra.

Zebra Stone

This attractive and ancient reddish-brown and white-banded sedimentary rock is unique to the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Zebra stone is composed of a fine-grained quartz and white mica and was discovered in 1924 near the Argyle Downs Homestead, which is now of course underwater.

Experiencing this remote and beautiful part of northern Australia will take some preparation, planning and time away from home to fully appreciate the rugged beauty of the blues and reds of our Outback. Get out camping, any way you can and make some memories that you will brag about for years to come!