The obvious next choice for outback camping in the Kimberley once you have left Lake Argyle, is El Questro Station. The Park is 110km west of Kununurra, at the start of the great Gibb River Road, and encompasses a land area of over 700,000 acres. Established back in 1903, the property has waterfalls, sandstone cliffs and ancient gorges, tidal flats and rainforest sections that are perfect to explore.

Zebedee Hot Springs

These naturally occurring rocky thermal springs are set at the base of sheer sandstone cliffs, amongst a dense palm forest, and only a short walk from the car park. It is a true oasis, where during the dry season of the Kimberley, you will want to explore as much as you can as you trek along the Gibb River Road.

Hiking to Moonshine

There are so many hiking and walking trails located within El Questro Station Park, and during most hikes, you will find a cool swimming hole to relax in. Moonshine Gorge is a perfect, remote place to paddle in the water, seemingly as the only people in the world to be there at that time. Let some relaxation sink into your bones as you float, looking up into piercingly blue sky, green palm fronds and rugged red cliffs.

Branco’s Lookout

Crossing a rocky barely-seen track over the Chamberlain River, your 4×4 will gradually switchback up to the top of Branco’s Lookout for an amazing view right over the land. Surprisingly, a few picnic tables have been constructed, so make sure to take some crackers, cheese and wine up to watch a majestic Australian sunset spread the last light of the day.

Camping at El Questro Station

There are many general unpowered sites at the Station, and also some private sites. Check out their website maps, and do your own research for camping choices. The Store has a small selection of groceries, fuel, and a restaurant is located on the grounds. You should allow yourselves three or more nights at El Questro to enable some good exploring and relaxation time. There are many beautiful and fascinating places to make memories along the Gibb River Road, and we’re far from done talking about them all!