Camping Gear


The last thing you want is to arrive at your camp site and realise that you have a hole in your tent or you are missing some of the poles for setting it up. Always inspect your camping gear before you load it in the car and go. This will help to ensure you have a wonderful time that isn’t hindered by problems you never anticipated.

Find out what the ground will be like where you are camping. Some locations have gravel areas and others are soft sand. You may find that the pegs for your tent really are only designed for one of the other. That could mean a quick trip to a sporting goods store for more pegs. Don’t assume you will have it all covered though and get to the camping area to learn different.

Carefully look over your tent to make sure the material is in good condition. Pay attention to the zippers too. If they don’t work you will have trouble keeping it closed at night. It is possible that you can do some repairs but you want to have time to get them done before the date of the camping trip.

If you are taking along lanterns make sure you have enough fuel for them. If you are using flashlights you want to make sure the batteries are powerful. It never hurts to have some extras with you just in case.

If you take along air mattresses inflate them before you go camping. Make sure they don’t have any holes in them. You also need to make sure you have all the pieces of the pump. Otherwise you won’t be able to inflate them when you get to your camp site.

Shake out all of your camping items too including sleeping bags. You don’t want someone to crawl in and find out they aren’t alone. Check for any types of bugs or spiders that may have inhabited them when they were stored away.

When you are done camping you also want to take some time to evaluate all of your camping gear including your Austrack camper trailer itself. If something is damaged you can determine if it can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced before the next time you camp. You also want to take a second look around before you drive off. Make sure you have all of the pieces to your camping equipment packed and nothing has been forgotten.