Austrack Campers Partners with TV Personality Simon Christie

Queensland-based Austrack Campers has entered into a new major partnership with 4WD expert Simon Christie; playing a major role in three Terrestrial TV shows airing – YOUR4X4 and Life Off Road, both on 7Mate/7Two and Simon Christie’s 4WD Pro Tips on Foxtel.
Simon Christie, who initially approached Austrack Campers, says “the partnership will provide a huge boost for our team and will allow us to continue our commitment towards towing promotion, safety and education”.
The partnership marks the first time Austrack Campers has aligned itself with a notable television brand and personality, with Austrack Campers Director Linden Lawson saying, “this is an exciting time for our brand and represents a major milestone in our 15 years of serving the camping community. To be invited by Simon Christie, a true veteran in the off-roading space, confirms that we as a brand are not only valued but also recognised as a passionate and experienced contributor to our industry”.
“With the world the way it is today, our partnership with Simon is perfectly timed to engage Australian’s who are now choosing to adventure locally here at home rather than abroad. This is our opportunity to be a part of showcasing the camping and off-roading life as well as highlighting how to do it right and how to do it safely”, Linden added.

In addition to participating in the three television shows, Austrack Campers has also engaged Simon Christie’s team to spearhead a multi-platform promotional strategy that will provide the brand with extensive exposure, digital content, branding and brand association, consultation and coordinated support across many other areas.
“It’s safe to say that Austrack Campers is grateful to have been chosen by Simon and are excited to be working with him and his team. We are certain they are the right people to work with as they share the same values we do in terms of supporting environmentally sustainable and safe camping practices” Linden said.
Pre-COVID, Austrack Campers partnered with Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism and Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology, to produce a 3-part content series aimed at educating camping enthusiasts and the greater community on sustainable camping practices. The videos were targeted to the drive domestic market and international visitors. They provided education and information to viewers; helping them to understand the importance of looking after our environment whilst camping. You can view the videos by searching “Sustainable Camping” on Visit Moreton Bay Region’s website.
Austrack Campers will join the team from YOUR4X4 in June this year for what will be a trip of a lifetime, showcasing the best of what Australia has to offer. The ten-day trip will include exploring the incredible Eyre Peninsula in South Australia; staying at amazing local havens like Coodlie Park on the West Coast! The full adventure will be seen on both 7Two and 7Mate later this year.