Unleash the Power: Limited Edition Austrack Campers!

Welcome, Adventurer!

Presenting the enhanced Tanami X11 – where innovation meets adventure. These aren’t your everyday campers; they’re the dream machines for every traveller craving power and durability on the go.

What’s New?

Solar Power Boost: Soak up more of the sun with a ramped-up roof-mounted solar.

Tanami X11: Skyrocket from 300w to an incredible 500w.

Battery Upgrade: Travel the distance with a double capacity lithium battery!

Models come equipped with a massive 400ah. Because adventures shouldn’t be cut short.

Exclusive Offer Just For You

Tanami X11: Available for only $51,990.

Remember, this isn’t an ordinary release. These unique versions are limited in stock and won’t come around again. It’s a golden opportunity for a select few.

Ready to Power Up Your Adventures?

Secure your very own limited edition Austrack Camper before they’re gone. Complete the form or talk to our friendly team at 07 5495 3861.

Why Choose the Upgraded Austrack Campers – Tanami X11 ?

Extended Adventures

With the enhanced solar power and battery, you literally “HAVE THE POWER”.


Own a camper that stands out; these models are truly one-of-a-kind.

Value for Money

Get more power, more battery, and more adventure for unbeatable prices.

Embark on journeys you’ve only dreamed of.   With Austrack Campers, you’re not just travelling; you’re making memories powered by the best.