Since Austrack Campers were taken over by new owners in February 2016, the Company continues to go strength to strength.  The team behind the brand that is growing and providing Campers across Australia are proving to be a brand to look out for with their innovation, style, quality, ease of use, value for money and their natural ability to build great relationships with their customers.

There are not many Caravan and Camping shows that you won’t see these great campers displayed and have a chance to chat about them to the guys.  For those of you who have experienced the Austrack Camper way you will totally get and understand what I am talking about.  From the first phone call, the first time you walk into their showroom or the first time you meet them at a show you are met with a genuine team that just want to talk to you about your experience and what you are chasing.  The team love the lifestyle that owning a Camper Trailer brings and they will guide you all the way through the process.

Their old school customer service, their innovation, great quality products and their energy and commitment to be at shows every two weeks has got them in the position of being selected for this competition.

They are up against another three competitors and are one step closer to being crowned 2017 Camper Trailer of the Year.

The model they will be entering will be available for public view on Wednesday November 23rd between 11am and 2pm at Sandstone Point Hotel at Sandstone Point, Queensland.   If you are in the market for a new trailer in 2017 then this is the place for you.  You will have the chance to talk to Linden and his team about the model and the inclusions first-hand and their models will be available for purchase and delivery prior to Christmas.

The team will have extra staff on hand during this time so they can be sure to talk at length with you, however if you want to book some time on this day that is absolutely uninterrupted and one on one, then please contact .   This booking will include coffee, a personalised information booklet and a free gift pack done specifically for you. These gift packs are limited to appointment only customers, so please book your time slot quickly.

For further details on the competition head to