With a little bit of research, you will soon understand how the geological formations located within Carnarvon Gorge came to exist. Water and 200 million years of time have led to what you will see present-day during your hikes in the Central Queensland Highlands!

Formations and Layers

The oldest sequences in the gorge are comprised of watertight siltstones, mudstones and shales, called ‘Moolayember Formation’. Volcanic activity around 30 million years ago capped an area with basalts, while faults developed due to uplift in the sedimentary rocks. The current landscape was carved by water over millions of years. Colourful side gorges and a diverse range of flora and fauna located at the base of towering sandstone cliffs with Aboriginal Rock Art, will amaze you at each step of your exploration on foot.

Getting There

Carnarvon Gorge is located north of Injune and south of Rolleston with easy access via mainly sealed roads and plenty of camping available. Suitable for conventional vehicles, and caravans, just be careful as the creek rises rapidly after heavy rain. Stay at least 5 nights to appreciate the trails, Amphitheatre, Mickey Creek Gorge and Ward’s Canyon. With 20km of hiking trails, or the strenuous climb to Battleship Spur, the trails provide levels of fitness to suit everyone.

The Walks

Moss Garden – 7km return from the visitor area showcases elk horns; moss carpet; and tree ferns. Amphitheatre – 8.6km return from visitor area and a steep climb into an open-topped cavern. The Art Gallery – 10.8km return walk from visitor area is a cultural site which has over 2000 aboriginal engravings and paintings on sandstone. These walks can be accessed from the Main Track.

Best camping during the Australian winter months, as summers are hot in Queensland! In winter though, the nights can be very cool in Carnarvon Gorge, so pack all types of clothing for layers. Put this destination on your bucket list and combine a round trip to the Central Highlands and Carnarvon Gorge with Cania Gorge or the Bunya Mountains for top walks and hikes in National Parks.