How to prepare for camping in the rain

The bags are packed and the fridge is stocked. You’re ready for a perfect family holiday; swimming, BBQs, bushwalks and playing in the sun. But during the drive, grey clouds appear. The sun vanishes. Suddenly, all your plans go out the window – it’s raining! Don’t panic, wet weather doesn’t mean the end of your holiday. You just need to be prepared.

Pack for the possibility of rain

Australian weather can be notoriously unpredictable. Wet season comes in Australia when most of us are itching for a holiday over Christmas and the January school break and even during the Winter holidays. With this in mind, always pack for possible bad weather:

  • Bring wet weather gear for everyone
  • Ensure you have a good food and fuel supply
  • Bring insect repellant and a first-aid kit
  • Pack plenty of board games, books and puzzles

Set up camp for wet weather

If bad weather is expected, avoid setting up:

  • Close to rivers or lakes, in case of rising water levels
  • On sloping ground (you don’t want to risk sliding away)
  • Beneath trees (to avoid constant dripping or worse, falling branches)

If the rain is continuous, set up your annex or, if you don’t have one, set up a tarp above your camper. This will create extra dry space outside. At night, few sounds are more relaxing than rain on a canvas roof.

Stay safe

It’s important to always follow guidelines around possible flooding. Check the conditions of the area you’re heading to before leaving both your home and the campsite. Always keep up-to-date with the weather forecast. And remember, if it’s flooded, forget it!

Plan for rainy day play

If it’s safe to do so, get the kids to explore nature’s rainy playground. Gentle rainfall in a normally dry country is a gift. Creeks and rivers trickle with fresh water and the wet, green earth attracts birds and animals. Take the kids puddle jumping, look for platypuses in the creek, or watch raindrops meet the ocean waves.

If the rain is persistent, take a day trip to explore local attractions in a nearby town or bring out your board games and puzzles for some indoor play.

Camping in the rain is a different kind of holiday; muddier, messier and much quieter. But it’s also a chance to explore a beautiful side of nature. Don’t let the raindrops stop you from packing up the kids and the camper and heading off for a new family adventure.

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