10 road trip games you (and the kids!) can enjoy

Happy playful kids travelling by car

Ever felt like watching the car in front of you or listening to a playlist on repeat can get a bit samey? Well if you’re like us at Austrack Campers, you’ll love these fun-filled road trip games to keep you and everyone else entertained for hours.


1. Going camping

The first person says ‘I’m going camping and I’m going to bring along…’. The second person says what the first person says and then adds their own item. You keep going around listing items until someone can’t remember the list.


2. Licence plate game

Make sentences out of the licence plates you see around you e.g., “ERN” eating red nachos or “CBA” Carol breathes awkwardly.

Licence Plate


3. Categories

Choose a category e.g., Queen songs, animals, capital cities and then take it in turns to go round naming them… the person who can’t think of something in 5 seconds loses.


4. Hum the song

Hum a song and the first person to guess it wins.

Friends traveling and singing


5. Rhyme

One person chooses a word and the next person needs to find a word that rhymes with it. Go around until you can’t rhyme anymore.


6. Name that song

Recite song lyrics in a very monotone voice. The first person to guess which song it is wins. This can be surprisingly difficult!


7. Celebrity name game

Connect the first and last name of celebrities. For example, if the first person says “Michael”, the next person could say “Cane” or “Buble”. The person who can’t think of a first or second name loses.


8. The alphabet game

Work your way through the alphabet, thinking of different words for each letter – you can use road signs, billboards and restaurant names for inspiration!


9. 20 questions

One person thinks of a person, a place or an item. The others take turns to guess what it is. If they can’t guess it after 20 questions, they lose.


10. I spy

It’s a classic. Simply choose an object that’s visual to everyone and say “I spy with my little eye something beginning with… C” e.g., car.