Upgrades to the Simpson Camper Trailer

Because we want to constantly improve our product, and because we care about your feedback, we’re making our great Simpson Rooftop Tent Camper Trailer even better with the following upgrades:

1. Water Tank: a single 100L water tank instead of two (60L/40L)
2. Suspension:  increase suspension / wheel clearance by 100mm
3. Rooftop Tent:  1.8m Roof top tent as standard and now at 1.8m base height
4. Roof Rack:  Full size roof rack with increased height, fully caged for extra storage
5. Storage areas:  internal lining added
6. Electronics:  Upgraded electrical control panel
7. Water:  External water outlet on drawbar
8. Awning:  Awning now hard fixed to the side of the rack
9. Recovery hitches:  Dual recovery hitches on the rear

The new models have plenty of additional features and upgrades and will be on sale initially for $14,990.  We’ll also have some new pics for you in June 🙂

Contact us for more information.