Camper Trailer Tents

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Delivering exceptional quality, Austrack camper trailer tents are built to last. Whether you’re heading out on an off-road adventure, pitching up on the shore of your favourite beach or enjoying a woodland break with family and friends, a camper trailer tent offers increased functionality.

With a full annex, doors, windows and heavy-duty PVC floor, Austrack camper trailer tents are robust, durable and hard-wearing. Built for use in any environment, you can take a camper trailer tent wherever your travels take you. Be it the outback, the beach or your own back yard, a camper trailer tent will protect you from the elements and give you a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the scenery!

If you’re a keen caravanner or camper, you have probably already enjoyed many outdoor adventures. However, maintaining a caravan can be time-consuming and costly, and it can also restrict where you're able to travel. Conversely, relying solely on a tent can feel a little too rustic, particularly in more challenging environments.

With a camper trailer tent, however, you get the best of both worlds. Far more substantial than a tent, yet inherently more flexible than a caravan, you can set up a camper trailer tent in any location. What’s more – the Austrack camper trailer tents are designed to be quick and simple to set up and take down.

With over 14 years’ industry experience, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned and incorporated it into our latest camper trailer tents. Tested in some of Australia’s most rugged landscapes our camper trailer tents are ‘built tough’ and ‘built to last’ so you can be sure they will give you everything you need and more.